COVID-19 antibodies and vitamin D testing

A large share of the population contracted the coronavirus causing COVID-19 disease. Some of those infected produced COVID-19 antibodies even if their PCR test was negative. These antibodies reduce threat of reinfection.

Low levels of vitamin D is considered a risk factor for contracting COVID-19 and it also increases the chance of severe infection. Especially in winter when most people stay indoors, vitamin D levels are generally lower than in summer. 

Since 1.12.2020 we offer discounts for antibodies and vitamin D tests

V Blood serum (venous blood) is used for antibodies and vitamin D tests.
It is neccesary to make an appointment beforehand. 

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Please note: If you are experiencing respiratory or flu like symptoms (fever, cough, ...) we recommend PCR test.

Test Price
IgG antibodies
antibodies that may protect you from future infection
420 Kč
IgA antibodies
first antibody produced by the immune system when a virus attacks
420 Kč
Vitamin D test
higher level of vitamin D suggest better protection against infection
420 Kč

More information about testing:  

  • Antibodies test is a tool to prove Covid-19 infection that happened in the past without the need of positive PCR test (incorrectly performed swab, virus inactivity or inhibition)
  • Supplementary test which tests for prior COVID-19 infection.
  • It enables us to find people with IgG antibodies and whom we expect are not infectious to others and are also protected against reinfection. 
  • It can show us optimal levels of antibodies for therapeutic usage of blood derivatives to treat Covid-19 patients.
  • Vitamine D test can show us low level of vitamin D which is considered a risk factor for contracting COVID-19 and it also increases the chance of severe infection. In this case we can suggest lifestyle changes (increased sun exposure) or add vitamine D supplements.
  • Test result will be delivered by e-mail in 3 working days.

Interpretation of results

The results of antibodies test is measured on scale: 

0-0,9 NEGATIVE RESULT  - prior virus exposure is unlikely
0,9-1,1 BORDERLINE RESULT - unspecific reaction, beginning or rnding phase of antibodies production
More than 1,1 POSITIVE RESULT - prior virus exposure is likely

Vitamin D refence range

under 50 nmol/l – low level
50 – 110 nmol/l – adequate level
over 110 nmol/l – high level

Interpretation of the antibodies test: 

IgG antibodies, very specific test. If tested positive it suggest there have been coronavirus infection in the recent past. It is very probable that if IgG antibodies are in the body the tested person should not be infectious and should be immune to reinfection (for how long is still unknown).

IgA antibodies found on mucouse membrane, are present in the early stages of infection approximately a week after the infection. IgA antibodies in the system suggest that the body is currently fighting the infection. IgA are less specific than IgG antibodies. If IgG antibodies are not present IgA antibodies are not very specific to the COVID-19.

Testing should be repeated after 2-4 weeks and amount of antibodies present need to be compared to correctly interpret the results. If the test is negative for the first time (when tested too early into the infection) it should be repeated after a week. 

SARS CoV-2 antibodies test is not exchangable with PCR test. It is very individual and needs to be reviewed by a doctor and tied to other tests. 


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