Pre-collection INSTRUCTIONS

Venous blood collection

Preparation: fast for 12 hours before collection, 24 hours before collection do not consume alcoholic beverages and fat food, if possible, stop therapy 72-24 hours before collection if possible.

Urine collection

Preparation: During the collection of urine, it is necessary to achieve a sufficient volume of urine by appropriate and even fluid intake. Fluid intake is considered appropriate to achieve 1500-2000 ml of adult urine in 24 hours. This means that for every 6 hours of urine collection (except at night), the patient drinks about 3/4 liter of fluids, preferably mineral or non-saturated water. It is important to remember the need to urinate in the collection container before the stool to prevent uncontrolled loss of urine outside the collection container. Urine must always be collected in a clean collection container, washed thoroughly with hot water and stored afterwards in a cool place.

Occult bleeding stool collection

Preparation: 3 days before the start of the test and during the test, eat a diet rich in ballast substances (vegetables, salads, wholemeal bread, nuts). During this time, omit raw or uncooked meat, offal and meat products (steak tartare, etc.) and should omit Vitamin C, or medicines and beverages containing it. It is necessary to exclude bleeding from the nose, after tooth extraction, from the gums or hemorrhoids. It is not to be examined during and immediately after menstruation.


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